TRYING CZECH DRINKS (They actually drink that??)

Published on November 19, 2022

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We’re trying Czech drinks today! You all know how much I love Czech Beer, in fact I could start a whole channel about my love of Czech beer, but there are plenty of other great Czech and Moravian drinks to try, yes they actually drink things other than beer! We’re trying a young wine called burčák, svařák, which is the Czech version of hot wine, Becherovka, which is a secret recipe of a drink made in Karlovy Vary, Slivovice, which is a very popular distilled beverage popular all around central and eastern Europe, Tuzemák which is a Czech variation of rum, and Kofola, which is the Czech’s favorite soda.

00:00 Trying Czech drinks
00:35 Burčák
02:15 Svařák
03:32 Becherovka
05:48 Slivovice
07:58 Tuzemák
10:29 Kofola

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TRYING CZECH DRINKS (They actually drink that??)

TRYING CZECH DRINKS (They actually drink that??).

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