Tour of Czech Republic

Published on April 24, 2023

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Prague is a beautiful ancient city. Their well-preserved old gothic castles and cathedrals are admirable. The old town square is a must to visit so you could experience the awesome view of the famous medieval Church of our Lady and many other old churches around the vicinity.

The Bridge Tower on Charles Bridge and the Vitaba River are picturesques.

At the countryside of Czechia or Czech Republic, I discovered the charm of Cesky Krumluv city/town labelled as one of the UNESCO Heritage sites.

There are lots of historical landmark to explore. Spend at least 5 days in the capital to enjoy more the amazing environment, the taste of their food and a bit knowledge of their culture.

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Tour of Czech Republic

Tour of Czech Republic.

Tour of Czech Republic, Search latest information and stories related to and Landmark Of Czech Republic, reviews.

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