Tokyo 2021: Best Olympic Fashion Uniforms

Published on March 20, 2024

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🔴 It is Friday 23rd of July and the Olympic Games in Tokyo have just started. Lets have a look at the most stylish olympic uniforms.
Fashion is not definitelly the point of the Olympic games, But for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, fashion design gives the opportunity to shine, to showcase the fashion talent from each country and more important, to show through fashion other values, like inclusivity and respect of the spirit of the Games.
Alison Brown, host of the Olympic fans podcast “Keep the Flame Alive,” said that outfitting Olympic teams, including those competing in the Paralympics, isn’t easy because
“They have to fit all kinds of body types, for example tiny gymnasts, muscular weightlifters and lanky basketball players. They also have to convey something about the nation, honor the host, be serious enough for the occasion but practical enough to be comfortable for hours of standing in the heat.

So lets have a look at the most interesting examples✨

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Kazakhstan 4:22
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Tokyo 2021: Best Olympic Fashion Uniforms

Tokyo 2021: Best Olympic Fashion Uniforms.

Tokyo 2021: Best Olympic Fashion Uniforms, Search interesting advice and posts about and Czech Republic Fashion Brands, reviews.

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