The most beautiful glacial lakes

Published on March 19, 2022

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List about the most beautiful glacial lakes

A glacial lake is a lake that occupies a depression as a result of erosion caused by a glacier.

In this list about the most beautiful glacial lakes you can find:
50. Lac de Nino (France)
49. Chandra Taal (India)
48. Goose Lake (United States)
47. Suraj Tal (India)
46. Malham Tarn (England)
45. Lake Abudelauri Blanco (Georgia)
44. Tsomgo Lake (India)
43. Kochel Lake (Germany)
42. Loch Na Fooey (Ireland)
41. Kedartal (India)
40. Lake Plav (Montenegro)
39. Plötzensee (Germany)
38. Breiðárlón (Iceland)
37. Lake Biograd (Montenegro)
36. Holy Lake (Italy)
35. Lake Ohau (New Zealand)
34. Lake Černé (Czech Republic)
33. Lake Memphremagog (Canada)
32. Jökulsárlón (Iceland)
31. Lac des Corbeaux (France)
30. Lac de Capitellu (France)
29. Lake of Gaube (France)
28. Rila Lakes (Bulgaria)
27. Lake of Retournemer (France)
Bow Lake (Canada)
Štrbské pleso (Slovakia)
Lakes Banderishki (Bulgaria)
Lake Itasca (United States)
Crater Lake (United States)
Lake Hector (Canada)
Weissensee (Austria)
Lake Edna (United States)
Peyto Lake (Canada)
Lake Minnewanka (Canada)
Lake of Ägeri (Switzerland)
Sunfish Pond (United States)
Lake of Engolasters (Andorra)
Lake Louise (Canada)
Lake Baron (United States)
Lake Bled (Slovenia)
Pirihueico Lake (Chile)
Huechulafquen Lake (Argentina)
Lago Gutiérrez (Argentina)
Lake Lácar (Argentina)
Lake Gray (Chile)
Lake Espejo (Argentina)
Lake Viedma (Argentina)
Nahuel Huapi Lake (Argentina)
Argentino Lake (Argentina)
Lake of Sanabria (Spain)

48. Goose Lake (United States)
Lake Goose sees an American alkaline glacial lake in the valley of Lake Goose on the border between the states of Oregon and California.

46. Malham Tarn (England)
Malham Tarn is a tarn or small glacial lake located near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. It is a conservation area, thanks to its geology, flora and fauna.

45. Lake Abudelauri Blanco (Georgia)
Lake Abudelauri Blanco is a glacial lake located in the Dusheti Municipality, in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region in eastern Georgia. It is located near the East at the altitude of 2812 m, with volume 45 500 cubic meters. It is covered with ice more than six months per year.

44. Tsomgo Lake (India)
Lake Tsomgo (also called Changu Lake) is an extensive lake of the Indian Himalayas, located in the eastern part of the Sikkim state.

37. Lake Biograd (Montenegro)
The Biograd Lake (Motenegrino Biogradsko jezero) is a lake that is located in the Kolašin region in northern Montenegro. The origin of the lake is glacial, it is located at the foot of a mountain in the interior of the Biogradska Gora National Park.

34. Lake Černé (Czech Republic)
Lake Černé is a lake in the Bohemian Forest. It is the largest and deepest natural lake in the Czech Republic. It is located about 6 km northwest of Železná Ruda under a cliff 300 meters high on the Jezerní hora (1,343 m). It is of glacial origin, a product of the Last glacial period

32. Jökulsárlón (Iceland)
Jökulsárlón is Iceland’s largest and best-known glacier lake. It is located at the southern end of the Vatnajökull Glacier, between the Skaftafell National Park and the town of Höfn. It first appeared in 1934-1935 and in 1975 it went from 7.9 km² to the current 18 km², due to the accelerated melting of Icelandic glaciers. It has a maximum depth of approximately 200 m, which makes it probably the second deepest lake in Iceland.

29. Lake of Gaube (France)
Lake Gaube is located in the center of the Pyrenees mountain range, in the department of Hautes-Pyrénées in France. It is located at 1,800 meters of altitude, in the Cauterets valley and within the National Park of the Pyrenees. Next to the lake, which is of glacial origin, there is a small hotel-restaurant from which you can see a view of the lake with Vignemale peak in the background.

27. Lake of Retournemer (France)
The lake of Retournemer is located in the department of the Vosges, in the commune of Xonrupt-Longemer. It is a lake of glacial origin and is crossed by the river Vologne.

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The most beautiful glacial lakes

The most beautiful glacial lakes.

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