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KRKONOŠE TREE TOP WALK, KRKONOŠE, 2020, The Krkonoše , Karkonosze , Riesengebirge , Riesageberge or Giant Mountains, are a mountain range located in the north of the Czech Republic and the south-west of Poland, part of the Sudetes mountain system. The Czech-Polish border, which divides the historic regions of Bohemia and Silesia, runs along the main ridge. The highest peak, Sněžka, is the Czech Republic’s highest point with an elevation of 1,603 metres .
On both sides of the border, large areas of the mountains are designated national parks , and these together constitute a cross-border biosphere reserve under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme. The source of the River Elbe is within the Krkonoše. The range has a number of major ski resorts, and is a popular destination for tourists engaging in downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling and other activities., The Czech name “Krkonoše” is first mentioned in a 1492 record of the division of the Manor of Štěpanice into two parts. The first map occurrence of the name dates back to 1518, when Mikuláš Klaudyán referred to the mountains as “Krkonoss”. The origin of the name is usually interpreted as a compound of “krk” or “krak” – an Old Slavonic word for Krummholz – and “noš” – derived from “nosit”. Alternative linguistic theories mention a connection with the pre-Indo-European word Corconti, which is first listed by Ptolemy and refers to a pre-Celtic or Germanic people. In Simon Hüttel’s chronicle of Trautenau from 1549 the names Hrisenpergisches Gebirge, Hrisengepirge, Hrisengebirge, Risengepirge appeared for the first time, but in the following centuries several other names were still used too. Martin Helwig’s map of Silesia mentions Riſenberg.
In 1380, Přibík Pulkava called the mountains the Sněžné hory . The Czech writer Bohuslav Balbín recorded in 1679 that the mountains were known under various names: Krkonoše , Rhipaeos Montes, Obrovski Mountains, Snow Mountains or Riesen Gebirge. The modern names of Krkonoše , Riesengebirge and Karkonosze became widely accepted only in the 19th century. The range is also often referred to in English as the “Giant Mountains”. The area of the Krkonoše amounts to 631 square kilometres , 454 square kilometres within the Czech Republic and 177 square kilometres in Poland. While most of the Sudetes are middle-sized mountains Mittelgebirgen, Krkonoše has a few characteristics proper of high mountains such as glacial cirques, small periglacial landforms and an elevation significantly above the tree line. The main ridge of the mountains runs from east to west and forms the border between these two countries. Its highest peak, Sněžka-Śnieżka, is the highest peak of the Czech Republic.



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