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Published on February 21, 2024

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Among us who wanted to travel around the world (which I believe everyone does too) to different countries for holiday, I have a better plan to start our first country. I would want to travel far as far as we can and subsequently to nearer country. We started to NZ to Australia, then to USA, take a shorter route to Japan, move onto European countries extensively, from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden & Finland.

Holiday plan is always our yearly affairs, 2020 with COVID 19, this changes completely, hope only this year. Still I would want to show country to country, city to city all things, scenery that we saw and bring it to you and even to the extend of this Pandemic and what changes it brings to us. We go for the Singapore Rediscovery supporting local business we Cruise to nowhere, looking forward positively we can start travel far again…..

We travel with different Travel Agencies, to see which has a better service and better standards that are worth the monies. Though a lot times, it is not necessary always about money. But more important to highlight to you what specifically are providing some bad service.

The start of our next holiday trip in mid 2016 to Japan Hokkaido the first time, unexpectedly also the first time too in entering and enjoying the Lounge in SATS Premier Lounge. These videos came in a series of 20 short clip which practically showed all of the places we went in this trip commencing with the above places, objectively bringing your eyes to holiday.

8 Days Best of Hokkaido by ASA Holidays happen to be the first time we travelled with.
This is the 7th of the 20 clips apparently onto our Day 4 to Hokkaido

Haneda / Narita ✈ Hakodate
Upon arrival, meet and greet by the local representative. Visit The Goryokaku, (admission ticket included) Japan’s first western-styled fortification. The starshaped fort was built in 1864 for the defence of Hokkaido against invasion and is now a park open to the public. Visit the charming historical buildings, such as Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward and Old Hakodate Meijikan Post Office. Thereafter, visit the famous Asaichi Market. Ascend to Mount Hakodate (subject to weather conditions) for a perfect night view of this romantic city.

Hakodate – Lake Toya – Noboribetsu – Jozankei
– Breakfast, Japanese Seafood Hotpot Lunch, 8 Course Kaiseki Dinner –
After breakfast, drive along the road and see Mount Showa, an interesting landform that was raised from a farmland after two years of volcanic activities. Marvel at the beauty of Uzu Zan Volcanic Mountains from afar. Continue to Noboribetsu and visit a sulphurous boiling pond known as “Jigokudani” or Hell Valley. After lunch, visit Noboribetsu Marine Park (admission ticket included), a modern style marine park featuring a magnificent aquarium where marine life of all kinds including sharks, stingrays, jellyfish and salmon swim freely. There are colourful corals too, as well as the fascinating Dolphin Show or Penguin Parade. See the beautiful Danish Nixe Castle & Garden. Finally, drive to Lake Toya, where beautiful virgin forests surround the lake.

DAY 4 Jozankei – Furano – Asahikawa / Sounkyo
– Breakfast, Japanese Buffet Lunch, Hokkaido Crab Dinner –
Begin the day with a tour to Shikisai Noka and see the colourful hills of flowers (varies with seasons). Continue to Furano Cheese Factory produces cheese and dairy-related products. Visit Farm Tomita, probably the most famous attraction of Furano. The products here will not disappoint you, with flower-related souvenirs available. Continue to Sounkyo Gorge, at the foot of Mount Daisetsu-zan. The gorge has lots of waterfalls, of which beautiful Ryusei-no-taki Falls (Shooting Star Falls) and Ginga-no-taki Falls (Milky Way Falls) are worth seeing. Note: Bonus during 10 May to 31 May departure will enjoy Shibazakura Park (Seasonal) to see different coloured flowers.

You may need the following link to access some of the places in our itineraries.

Japan | Hokkaido | Biei: •- 7 of 20

Japan | Hokkaido | Biei: •- 7 of 20.

Japan | Hokkaido | Biei: •- 7 of 20, Search more research and stories about and Famous Landforms In Czech Republic
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