Hody Celebration at Medlánky, Brno, Czech Republic

Published on May 5, 2021

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It was so amazing to be part of this special event. I hope it will put smile to your face. 🙂
Hody (the Feast) is an annual traditional celebration held in many villages and towns in Moravia in the Czech Republic. The festivity is held between May and November and usually lasts 3 days (Friday – Sunday). In the centre of the event stands a festive maypole (in Czech: mája or májka) which is usually manually erected one day before the festivity. The maypole is often more than 30 metres tall, built from two or three spruce trees. It is erected with the help of ladders and crowbars. The maypole stands in the centre of a dancing place (in Czech: plac or sólo). People are dancing and singing around with the accompaniment of the brass music.
The main organizer and arranger of Hody is a selected young boy called první stárek (the first stárek – literally the first “old one”). He and a group of young friends (somewhere they are called stáreks – Czech plural: stárci; or they can be called chasa) are responsible for the organization and smooth running of the event. Each stárek (or member of chasa) also has a girl partner, usually called starka or stárka. The boys and girls wear a traditional folk costume (kroj), which differs widely from region to region.
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Hody Celebration at Medlánky, Brno, Czech Republic

Hody Celebration at Medlánky, Brno, Czech Republic.

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