Geography of the Czech Republic

Published on September 13, 2023

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Geography of the Czech Republic, by Wikipedia / CC BY SA 3.0

The Czech Republic is a land-locked country in Central Europe.
It is bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the north.
It consists mostly of low hills and plateaus surrounded along the borders by low mountains.
Two areas of lowlands follow the Elbe river and the Morava river.
About a third of the area of the Czech Republic is covered by forests.
The Czech Republic also possesses Moldauhafen, a 30,000 m2 enclave in the middle of Hamburg docks in Germany, which was awarded to Czechoslovakia by Article
363 of the Treaty of Versailles to allow the landlocked country a place where goods transported down river could be transferred to seagoing ships.
This territory reverts to Germany in 2028.
Köppen climate classification of the Czech Republic The Czech Republic’s climate is temperate, transitional between an oceanic climate and a continental climate.
The summers are rather cool and dry, with average temperatures in most areas around 20 °C, the winters are fairly mild and wet with temperatures averaging around 0 °C in most areas.
The relative humidity moves between 60 and 80 %.
Most of the area of the Czech Republic belongs to the geographically stable Czech Massif.
Only an area of the Western Carpathians in the east of the country is younger, lifted during the Tertiary.
Igneous rocks make up the base of the Czech Massif.
Sedimentary rocks are mostly found in the north-eastern part of Bohemia with significant areas of sandstone.
Among the metamorphic rocks, the most commonly found is Gneiss.
The most notable mountain ranges in the Czech Republic are all found along the borders of the country.
In Bohemia it is the Bohemian Forest and Ore Mountains, both bordering Germany.
Then the long mountain range of Sudeten with Sněžka (1603) – the highest peak of the Czech Republic.
The last major moun…

Geography of the Czech Republic

Geography of the Czech Republic.

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