28 Pictures Of BREATHTAKING Places

Published on July 5, 2023

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Best National Parks In Czech Republic, 28 Pictures Of BREATHTAKING Places.

You’ve heard of some of the places on this list. Now let’s get a glimpse of some of the most stunning pictures ever taken and who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself visiting some time soon.

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7. Machu Picchu
The most popular place to visit in Peru can be found amongst the heights of the Andes Mountains. This ancient citadel built by the Inca would be later abandoned, leaving its structures to be worn away by time yet still somehow maintaining its shape at such a high elevation. And when the clouds pass through the old city, it only emphasizes the mystery surrounding the empty stone walls.

6. Ha Long Bay
This is another one of those places that might get so saturated with humans that it enjoying the scenery may get impossible because of the lack of space. But if you catch Ha Long Bay in the early morning during the sunrise when not too many people will be there, you can truly take in the serenity and mistiness of this bay in Vietnam. Most of the thousands of islets located here came from limestone. The name “Ha Long” means “descending dragon” for how the islets just out from the water like a dragon’s back.

5. Keukenhof Garden
If there’s any place in the world that’s famous for its abundance of tulips, its the Netherlands, most particularly in Lisse, South Holland. From this photo, we get a glimpse of the Keukenhof Garden which in English means “kitchen garden.” Some others refer to it as the “Garden of Europe.” It ranks as the largest flower gardens in the region, complete with its own little forest and pond.

4. Moravian Fields
Prague isn’t the only thing worth visiting in the Czech Republic. Most people might not know much about this country, so we should emphasize the beauty of the fields of Moravia. The hills there look like a blanket rippling in the wind. This historical county is home to what’s been called the rolling hills for how these fields appear. And in this photo in particular, it looks more like a painting than a photo.

3. Great Blue Hole
You wouldn’t think that’s just a hole in the ocean would look so cool, but the Great Blue Hole shows that it indeed can. The Great Blue Hole of Belize can be found about 43 miles or 70 kilometers away from the mainland. From an aerial view, it looks like a huge blue inkblot, but really, that thing descends about 407 feet or 124 meters deep.

2. Paris
Referred to as both the city of Love and the city of Light, there’s really no denying that Paris can be a beautiful place to travel to. And though most of the world has become familiar with the image of the Eiffel Tower, how many times have you actually observed what the cityscape of Paris looks like at night? With a lack of highrise buildings, you still get the sense of the tightly knit streets as well as all the warm lights that lead the way.


28 Pictures Of BREATHTAKING Places

28 Pictures Of BREATHTAKING Places.

28 Pictures Of BREATHTAKING Places, Read latest news and articles top searched and Famous Landforms In Czech Republic
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