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SpectroCoin, the U.K.-based bitcoin exchange and wallet, has introduced bitcoin debit cards denominated in USD and GBP, complementing its existing EUR-denominated cards. These cards remove the fiat conversion fees needed with regular debit cards when using a specific denomination in a foreign country.

How to earn bitcoins with Spectrocoin?

First you need to register in SpectroCoin so that you have your wallet immediately:

Then by having your SpectroCoin account, you can register on the RunCPA page:

Now, after registering enter the section offers on the left side.
Look for the offer number 1406 or paste the link you give the button Get Offer and ready. You will start working and generate $ 2 for each record. But you will need 20% of the traffic to be able to collect. You do not need to invest to withdraw your earnings!

Spectrocoin has a good debit card

The price of the virtual card is 0.5 in USD, GBP and EUR. The price for the physical card is $9.00/€8.00/£6.00. The fee for expedited shipping is $75/€69/£50.

Delivery is one to three weeks for the physical card and instant for the virtual card.

There is no service fee if the card balance is zero. The monthly service fee is $1.00/€1.00/£1.00 for both the physical and virtual card.

The card top up from the SpectroCoin account is 1%.

The fee for ATM withdrawal in domestic currency is $2.50/€2.25/£1.75. The ATM withdrawal fee in another currency is $3.50/€2.75/£2.25.

There is a 3% currency exchange fee if paying in a currency other than the default currency (USD/EUR/GBP).

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